Places to visit:

City of Managua, Quelantáro reserve and Salamina beach, Cerro Negro volcano and León beaches, Apoyeque and Masaya volcanoes, Ometepe Island and San Juan del Sur.

Day 1:

With all our human warmth, you will be received at Managua International Airport. Later, a tour of the homonymous city will take place in which the following sites will be visited: Plaza de la Revolución, National Palace of Culture, Puerto Salvador Allende and Tiscapa Historical Museum. Then return to the hotel to leave the next day at 5:00 am.

Day 2:

On this day you will visit the Quelantaro reserve and Salamina beach in the municipality of Villa El Carmen, in Managua. Here you will meet different species of birds, many of them migratory that pass through this part of Nicaragua. In addition, it will have a close coexistence with nature observing flora and fauna of the area and will have the opportunity to know the only shelter of marine turtles in Managua, one of the few that exist in the Nicaraguan Pacific.

Day 3:

This day you will feel adrenaline rush through your veins when the Cerro Negro volcano descends on a table and then delights in an exquisite national beer or a very cold non-alcoholic beverage. After having lived this adventure you will have the opportunity to take a good dip in the sea on some of the best beaches in the department of León and enjoy a spectacular sunset in the Pacific Ocean.

Day 4:

This day, you will experience the excitement of climbing the top of Apoyeque volcano, considered one of the most important volcanoes in the world, and in the afternoon we will go to the Masaya volcano where you will appreciate its spectacular lava lake.

Days 5 and 6:

You will visit Ometepe Island Biosphere Reserve. Here you will visit some of its main natural attractions such as: Punta La Paloma, Neumástico museum, Santo Domingo beach and Charco Verde. The next day you will venture to climb the majestic Concepción volcano.

Days 7 and 8:

On the seventh day you will explore some of the most spectacular beaches in San Juan del Sur, where you will enjoy swimming, beach volleyball without surfing; returning in the afternoon of the eighth day to the city of Managua, from which he will be fired.

Tourist package includes:

Breakfasts, refreshments, lunches, dinners, 7 nights of lodging, payment of tickets to places to visit, bottles of purified water, bilingual tour guide, paramedic on board, printed photographs of souvenirs, courtesy souvenirs, protective equipment and table for the realization of sandboarding in Cerro Negro volcano, sports beach equipment for activities in San Juan del Sur; binoculars and printed guide of birds for the observation of the same one in the reserve of Quelantaro and beach Salamina.

Standard rates per person USD: