About Us

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As a travel company we strive to offer exceptional service to the level of the best tour operators in the world. For this we work constantly in the improvement and innovation of all our processes to make every trip a memorable experience. When it comes to knowing Nicaragua, the possibilities are endless with us. Adventure, culture, nature and history; we reveal to our country in a way beyond the reach of any other tourist provider.

Our mission is to provide services that exceed the expectations of travelers with the management of new social and environmentally responsible tourism offers, specializing in adventure tourism with a mixture of culture and history.

Our vision is to be the leading operator in the development and promotion of sustainable tourism to demonstrate that Nicaragua is a multi-destination rich in nature and culture comparable to the best in the world, contributing to its economic and social growth.

Why know Nicaragua with us?

• We have created pioneering adventure tours. Our tour leaders have the local knowledge of experts to take you off the beaten path to see the most exotic, inspiring and dramatic places in Nicaragua.

• We love what we do.

• Responsible and sustainable tourism is, has been and will always be one of the basic principles in our travel management.

• Our adventure holidays are filled with interesting things to see, do and explore in small groups that travel by minibus, car, horse, or any other unusual form of transportation.

• Often staying in small hotels where you will enjoy authentic local cuisine. So easy is to discover the true heart of the people as well as making new friends along the way.

• Each trip is unique and different.

• We are passionate about sustainable tourism and work hard to create vacations that deliver real benefits to local communities; That is why about 95% of all our operations as tour operator are carried out without intermediaries.

• Minimize our impact on the environment by traveling in small groups, respecting local and traditional cultures, reducing waste and compensating for 100% of CO2 emissions from vehicles.

• Currently, we are the first and only tour operator in Nicaragua that is dedicated to plant a tree for each tour purchased by our customers. In addition, we are concerned with the conservation of the flora and fauna of Nicaragua by supporting a series of environmental programs. And we also devote part of our income to supporting education programs in rural Nicaragua.

• Our tour packages are all inclusive, which is why you will have nothing to worry about when traveling with us.

• And for every trip you make to Nicaragua with us, you end up making a big difference.